DIY vs. Professional Logo Design

June 14, 2010 2 min read

Your company logo is a VERY important aspect of your company. It is what you will use to represent your company on virtually everything from envelopes to your website. It will help define your company, create your company brand and if you promote correctly it will come to be as recognizable as your company’s name. For these reasons and many more, it’s very important that you take great care in designing your company logo. There are many places online that offer do-it-yourself (DIY) logo design. Let’s look at why creating a logo yourself or with the help of a free online template may not be the best idea.

DIY Logo Design

Yes, it may save you time and money now to create your own logo, but in the long run this DIY project may prove harmful to your company. Unless you are skilled in graphic design creating your own logo will most likely involve you using clip art images or downloading a free logo template. Here are some problems with these two options:

  • Clip art may not be licensed to be used as a logo.
  • Clip art is probably being used by a ton of other people, so it’s not original.
  • Free templates generally mean that many other people have access to them and are probably using them too.
  • The end result will not be a professional look.
  • You will never get an original logo from either of these two options.
  • As your business grows you will outgrow your DIY made logo.

Professional Logo Design

By working with a professional logo designer there will be several advantages. Yes, it may cost more and take more time, but the results will be a long lasting logo that will serve your company well even as it grows.  A professional designer will be able to create your company logo with you in mind meaning that there won’t be any clip art or templates used and you will get an image that is completely original and unique. The bottom line – a strong and original logo will help you evolve your company and brand so much more than a fast and cheap DIY logo.

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