Designing a Brochure to Complement your Website

May 16, 2012 2 min read

With so much advertising and promotional energy being shifted online rather than in print, talk of brochure design has taken a back seat to landing page, social media site, and other types of online design. However, even companies which exclusively operate online can benefit from designing brochures to feature products, describe services, and more. This is because the brochure is a well-known marketing tool which potential customers are familiar with. Brochures offer all the must-know information for customers without a lot of extras. Additionally, brochures are typically image heavy which is appealing to viewers. The best thing about brochures is that they don’t have to be printed to be used – you can simply link them as PDFs to your website or email them to new clients and customers as an attachment.

The key to designing a successful modern day brochure is ensuring that the design translates online as well as it done in print. Some key elements to consider when designing a brochure that can be used online and in print include:

-          Photo quality, be sure the resolution will print and upload beautifully

-          Fonts should be easy to read and an appropriate size for the web and print

-          Consider keeping the background color white, this makes words easier to read and printing simpler, plus it just looks clean

Designing a top-quality brochure isn’t just about the basics though, it is also about creativity and producing something which is in-line with the rest of your company’s promotional collateral. Some of the best ways to incorporate the company’s overall theme in the brochure design is by:

-          Using the company’s logo, font, and color palette

-          Adding personality to the brochure copy by keeping it light or serious depending on the company’s image

-          Using custom photos

Once you have a brochure which will translate well in print and on the web and incorporates the company’s brand, then it is time to get creative. To make a brochure which catches attention, it is helpful to add something unexpected. There are countless examples online of brochures which “push the envelope” for inspiration, or you can simply take the time to brainstorm different ways to make your brochure stand out. Some ideas include:

-          Consider a different size

-          Consider a different folding style such as using something more like a book, or a drop down

-          Consider using a different piece of art for inspiration such as architecture, a magazine, or other

While brochures may not get the same attention as social media and other online promotion opportunities, with a little artistic infusion, the brochure can once again rise as a valuable marketing tool for your company.

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