Design Savvy: Landing Page Critique #1

August 13, 2010 2 min read

This week we thought that instead of lecturing on what to do and what not to do when designing your landing page we would show you. Here is a landing page example that we will critique. Our first impression is that this is a very thought out, well planned landing page design.

Allow us to explain:


For starters, we really like the color scheme. It isn’t out of control, its just three basic colors – green, red and blue throughout the entire landing page making the overall look very clean and uniformed.

White Space

The use of white space is perfect in this landing page. There is enough white space to make the page feel spacious and uncluttered, yet there isn’t too much white space which would make it seem empty. In essence, the page is the perfect balance.


There are two images on the landing page and both serve a purpose. They both support the meaning on the page.


The company logo is used at the very top of the landing page preventing readers from guessing if they landed on the correct page. Additionally, the eye is drawn to the second box which reads “Get Your Quote”. It is fair to assume that the email campaign or banner advertisement had a “Click Here” button to get a quote. This is at the top of the page to again indicate that the reader is in the correct place. Finally, the overall look of the landing page is designed very similar to other pages on the company website showing that this is in fact where readers should be.


As far as content goes, this landing page is very informative. It presents the problem of driving without auto insurance, it shows how this company can solve that problem and it very clearly tells readers how they can proceed.

Call to Action

The call to action is plain and simple in this landing page. There are three simple actions that readers are presented with to get their auto insurance quote.

Overall, this landing page is designed with all the components thought out. It is clean, easy to read, simple, informative and persuasive. Every element works together to ensure readers get exactly what they need while supporting the call to action.

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