Design Savvy: Facebook Fan Page Critique

April 11, 2011 2 min read

Now that we’ve taught you how to create a Facebook landing page and we’ve given you an idea of what to include on said Facebook landing page let’s take a look at a real business’ Facebook landing page and see how it stacks up to our recommendations. The business we’ve chosen is called Mid Atlantic Farm Credit. Their Facebook landing page is shown below. Our critique will be broken into two parts: design and content. Let’s get started!


Upon first glance, this Facebook landing page is clear, concise and inviting.

  • Logo: For starters we really like the fact that the main profile picture is the company logo and name. This clearly indicates the Facebook business page that viewers have landed on. We also like that the logo was made to be slightly larger than the average Facebook profile picture. This allows for a better image to be used and more noticeable branding.
  • Colors: Branding is further achieved with the use of colors. The same colors used in the logo are carried out throughout the entire Facebook landing page. Additionally, the use of black in the landing page highlights the really important aspects of the page including all call to action points.
  • Layout: The layout of the page is very clean. We like the use of boxes and the way they direct the eye in an organized flow, which dictates what viewers read first to last.
  • White Space: One of the best things about this Facebook landing page is the use of white space. We’ve seen numerous landing pages on Facebook that are screaming with thousands of colors, images everywhere and complete chaos. This landing page uses white space to accentuate the main focal points leaving a clean professional look.


  • Like Button: First and foremost, this Facebook landing page does a superb job of asking viewers to “Like” their page. It is done so in a clear call to action above the fold. In fact, it’s one of the first things viewers see.
  • Slogan: Aside from the company logo, this landing page also includes the company slogan, which is a great way to further brand their product as well as tell viewers a little about the company.
  • Information: Stated very clearly, the Facebook landing page conveys what the company is all about – financing agriculture, as well as why they have created a Facebook business page and why users may want to become fans – to get advice and learn about community events.
  • Form: They have an email list and they want viewers to join it. Plus, they’ve made it so easy for them to sign up by putting the opt-in form front and center on the Facebook landing page.
  • Links: Finally, if viewers want to learn more about the company, they make that easy too. They have provided a link at the bottom of the Facebook landing page to take viewers directly to their website. It couldn’t be easier.

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