Design Elements of Facebook Fan Pages

January 14, 2011 2 min read

Facebook for business is a popular and effective way to promote and brand your business. A well designed Facebook page will not only generate you tons of fans, but it can also help you direct people to your website, increase awareness for your business and actually translate into increased business for you. Designing a Facebook fan page can be done on your own or with the help of a design service. To get started, let’s explore all that you can do with the design of your Facebook fan page.


The main thing you should have on your Facebook fan page is your company logo. This is put in the top corner of your Facebook page design and you can actually make this graphic quite large and very clear. This is important because it will be displayed on every tab of your page so you want it to be a good graphic that is noticeable.


In Facebook, there are different pages within a Facebook fan page. These are known as tabs and they are found in the top bar of you page. You can do a lot with Facebook tabs. The standard Facebook tabs are your wall, information, photos, discussion, events, videos and links. These tabs can be changed, as can the graphics and information on each tabbed page to meet your exact business needs. For example, you can add graphics, forms and more to any page. You can also create your own Facebook tabs rather than adding to the already preset tabs.

One popular practice right now is for businesses to leave their Facebook wall and information pages the same format as Facebook’s original format, but to add a default tab that is labeled with the company’s name. On this tab graphics are added to visually describe the business. Some businesses even choose to put interactive items on this Facebook tab. Starbucks for example allows users to manage their Starbucks card directly from the tabbed Starbucks section. Other businesses use this opportunity to sell their services or get users to sign up for their mailing lists. Still other businesses set up several custom Facebook tabs such as a shop tab, a portfolio tab and more.

More Graphics

You can also add graphic banners and links to your Facebook fan page. Instead of just a boring link to your company’s website, consider creating a graphic which will entice more people to click on your link and visit your website. Creating banners for different specials and contests that you are running are also ways that your Facebook fan page design can be improved to enhance the look and feel for visitors.

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