Design Disasters to Avoid in a Company Logo

July 04, 2010 2 min read

By now you should understand why your company logo is so very important to your business. It creates your brand identity, it defines your business and it represents your company everywhere, on everything. While you have already learned some design tips and why it is important to hire a professional logo designer to create your custom logo design, today, let’s take a look at what to avoid in your company logo design.

Don’t copy others. In looking for design ideas, you may come across a great logo design that is creative and clever, but it won’t do you any good to copy another company’s design, even a small aspect of it. Your logo must be original to you and your company, not copied or even similar to another company’s.

Don’t use clip art. Clip art is almost like copying another company’s logo design. It certainly isn’t original and chances are others are using it in their logos too.

Don’t use something meaningless. Since logos are small to begin with don’t litter it with meaningless pieces. For example, leave out the Inc. or Ltd. in your logo. There is no need to include them as they don’t add anything to your logo. In other words, every word, design, graphic and color should have a meaning in your company logo.

Avoid making it too complex. A complex logo design is hard to resize, hard to print and hard to remember. Err on the simple side and your logo will be much more memorable and easy to work with.

Avoid making it too trendy. Logo design trends come and go, but your company logo is here to stay. It should be timeless, so avoid a trendy look that will just fade in a few months or years. For example, creating images from dots was popular a few years ago and many logos featured this type of design. It works for some, but not others – especially those that just jumped on board because it was the new trend.

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