Create the Ultimate Facebook Landing Page Today!

March 14, 2011 3 min read

If you are creating a Facebook business page, you will want to be sure that you create a Facebook landing page. There are two types of Facebook landing pages. One for non-fans, and one for fans. For non-fans this landing page is where you will want to put information to entice your new visitors to “Like” your page – this page will be visitors’ first impression, so it better be good. There are several options on how to create a Facebook landing page. The following is one easy option to help you create your unique landing page in order to get more “Likes”.  We’ve broken it down for you in easy to follow steps. Here we go!

1. First you need to add the Static HTML: iframe tab app to your page. To do this, go to your page. Select Edit Page in the top right of your page. From the left sidebar select Apps. This will give you a list of your current apps. Select Browse More Applications at the bottom of the page. In the top left box where it says Search Apps, search for the Static HTML: iframe tab app. Once you find the app, select Add to My Page on the left sidebar of the app page.

2. Once the app is added to your page, go to your page. Select the Welcome tab from your left sidebar.

3. You will see two boxes. Put your code into the first box. You can use HTML, CSS or JavaScript. You can choose to enter code into the second box too. By doing this you are creating content that only your fans will see when they visit your page. If you choose not to use this box and use only the first box, fans and non-fans will see the same content upon arriving on your Facebook landing page.

4. You can also choose to use Facebook Markup Language (FBML). If you select this box at the top, only one box will be available to you to use and the content you put here will only be visible to your fans.

5. The Facebook landing page you create is called Welcome by default. If you would like to change this, you can. Go to your Facebook business page, select Edit Page. Select Apps from the left sidebar and select Edit Settings under the Static HTML: iframe tab app. A box will pop up for you to create a custom name for the Facebook landing page tab you just created.

6. For this to be your true Facebook landing page, you must make it the default page that visitors see for the first time upon landing on your page. To do this, go to your page, click Edit Page and choose Manage Permissions from the left sidebar.  You will see a section called Default Landing Tab. Select the Facebook landing page you just created and make sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

There you have it – a Facebook landing page (or two if you choose the option to have a separate landing page for your fans apart from your non-fans). Remember you can always play around with this page. By following these simple steps you can easily access your Facebook landing page and make changes as you need to in order to get more “Likes” for your Facebook business page.

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