Create a Last Minute Holiday Email Campaign

November 16, 2011 3 min read

The holidays are huge for companies in all different industries. It is a great time to tap into people’s giving and receiving mindset and let them know where your business fits into the holiday fray. Whether your company is selling products, services, consulting or is a non-profit, you have something to promote during the holiday season and well-designed email campaign can be the perfect way to do it. Most companies start designing around August but even if the snow is falling in November and you have no holiday email campaign planned, remember that it is never too late. It is better to do even just one or two small holiday emails than to completely disregard the season. Here are some tips for creating a few solid last-minute emails to send out during the holiday seasons.

Tell Customers how you can serve up Holiday Cheer

Your company has something to offer around the holidays, whether it is a product, service or advice, and it is important to call this out in your holiday email campaign. Just like the necessary call-to-action in your regular everyday emails, be sure each email you send out for the holidays has a clear point and subject which customers can quickly scan and comprehend. For example, if your business sells a product, let customers know by which date they need to place an order to get a gift or purchase to their home before Christmas.

Get Creative in the Subject Line

It is well understood that all companies bump up their email volume in the weeks before Christmas. One of the best ways to stand out from the clutter is with a catchy subject line which simply invites being clicked on and opened. Rhymes, quips, jokes and anything which eludes to snowmen and reindeer is bound to delight your email list. If you are offering any deals, discounts or sales you should work this information into the subject line as well.

Take advantage of the Footer and Header

Admittedly, not all companies offer a service or product which is easier to sell during the holidays than any other time of year. Even if your company isn’t selling the must-have toy of the year, you can still add some holiday cheer to your emails. Use the footer and header to add some season specific graphics and announcements. There are a few scrooges out there but for the most part people like to see mistletoe, snowflakes and penguins during the holiday season.

Push for Social Sharing

Maybe it is the gift giving, but it might be easier to get a “like” or tweet during the holiday season. If you can create a fun holiday email that is creative, funny or touching, your followers may be more likely to share this with their social network, expanding your potential customer base and helping you make new connections.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time for a full blown holiday email campaign it is still a good idea to take the time to design a few creative emails to send out in December to remind your customers of what you have to offer and thank them for their patronage. Also, you can collect statistics on the success of your last-minute holiday campaign to use next year when you give yourself more time to plan a longer email campaign.

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