Can Funny Landing Pages be Taken Seriously?

October 05, 2012 1 min read

If you are looking for a way to take a landing page from boring to scoring, humor can seem appealing. Memes, posters, stories, quotes, and more with a humor slant are often the most widely shared tidbits online. This kind of traction is appealing to anyone with a website – but can a funny landing page be taken seriously?

Consider insurance providers. Car, home, and other insurances are hardly a laughing matter, and yet, many insurance companies use humor on their websites and in their marketing.  In order to take a serious business and give it a humorous slant you must follow some guidelines in order to keep things genuine.

#1: Gather a Group of Writers: Don’t just think whatever you think is funny is actually funny. Instead, get a group of writers from within the company, and possibly some professional comedy writers from outside your team as well, and start some serious brainstorming.

#2: Keep it Well-Rounded: Be sure the humorous message used on your landing page can easily be expanded upon into other aspects of online and traditional marketing. Commercials, banner ads, and more should be able to embrace this humorous approach in order for the entire message to come across professionally and like it has been thought through.

#3: Hire a Designer: The last step to using humor on your website’s landing page is to hire a designer to create visuals to match the message. Professional web design can keep almost any message professional in nature as well as share more about your brand, services, and products.

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