Boost Business with “Likes” to Your Facebook Page

March 01, 2011 2 min read

Setting up a Facebook business page is a great way to market your business. In fact, you can boost business substantially through a Facebook page. You can even add an e-commerce store to your page in its own tab to generate sales through the site, but you won’t see tangible results without getting people to “like” your page. With nearly 600 million people using the popular social media site and the average Facebook user connecting with 80 pages, you want to ensure your piece of the pie. In this win-win situation, getting “likes” to your page isn’t hard. The following are some tried and true ways to get people to “like” your page.

Tell People

While it seems like a no brainer you would be amazed how many times this simple step gets overlooked. To start getting fans to your page, lead them to it. You can do this in many ways. If you have a business email address, include a link to your page in your signature line. Advertise that you are on Facebook on your company website with a simple icon link to your page, and include the Facebook icon link on your company blog too. If you’re on Twitter share a link to your Facebook page with your followers, and if you send out an e-newsletter include a link in every edition. Basically, anywhere you have people with a vested interest in your company, ask them to “like” your page.


Facebook is one place where word-of-mouth marketing thrives. Ask your fans to share or recommend your page to their friends and watch your fan base grow exponentially. The more people that “like” your page, the more fans you will attract since your page will show up in your fans’ news feed so all of their friends will be able to see it.


While we’re talking about word-of-mouth, interaction is a great way to generate word-of-mouth marketing on the site. The more you interact with your fans through wall posts, discussions and more, the more your information will show up in your fans’ news feed for their friends to see. Plus with an interactive page, the more likely your fans will be to recommend you to their friends without you even needing to ask.

Take Interaction One Step Further

While you’re busy interacting on your page, why not go the extra mile and interact outside of your page to enhance your visibility. Comment on other sites that fall in your niche, and take advantage of the tagging aspect of Facebook to acknowledge other people in your niche and become visible to their fans as well.

Conduct a Giveaway

Encourage new “likes” to your page by giving away a freebie. For example if you own a pet supply business, give a FREE dog toy to everyone that “likes” your page. Everyone loves to get something for free and pet owners that “like” your page will gladly share your promotion with their friends.

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