Animated Banner Advertisements – Does it Affect Web Surfers?

August 26, 2012 2 min read

We’ve all seen animated banner advertisements when cruising around the Internet. These are ads designed by web designers to have moving objects, flashing colors, moving words, and other animated effects. There are advantages and disadvantages to animated banner ads. Before moving ahead with this technique, you must consider how they affect web surfers, and more specifically your target audience.

So how do flash banner advertisements affect web surfers? There have been countless studies conducted on this very topic – however with mixed results every time. The thing is, the answer is dependent upon who is viewing the advertisement. For example, older web surfers may be more likely to be attracted to an animated ad, but then feel apprehensive about clicking on it because they are nervous they will be brought to a site that is infected. It’s a simple case of being concerned that someone putting forth extra effort (animation) might be wanting viewers for more nefarious reasons.

Next, we have the young adult category. This audience grew up with the internet for the most part, and most likely views animated banner advertising as a tactic used in the 1990s, but not a design tactic that is appropriate for modern advertising. This market needs to be more cajoled into clicking on a an advertisement, responding more to a creative well thought through campaign than animation which might be viewed as just a cheap trick.

When it comes to animated banner ads, the jury is out on their effectiveness. The truth is, some people are much more likely to click on these ads, but customers who are well-versed in the online shopping world are less likely to want animation in their advertising.

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