5 Tips for Using Video on a Landing Page

November 23, 2011 2 min read

1. It Starts with Content
No matter how strategic you are about the placement, hosting and SEO optimization of your video, it won’t make a difference if the content is bad or boring. In truth, videos aren’t the best option for all industries. If you are in the motorcycle industry you can probably trust the people visiting your website are interested in watching a video of impressive stunts and the best looking equipment. However, if you sell something a little less exciting which doesn’t require much in the way of visuals, then a video may not be the best option. If you choose to create a video, then do it well. Hire a professional to ensure lighting, camera technique, composition, sound and editing are all up to par. Home videos are acceptable for YouTube but not for your professional website. Spend the money to make a high quality video to avoid losing website viewers because of a novice video.

2. Hosting
There are a few different options when it comes to hosting a video on your website. You can host through YouTube, through a lesser-known host, or host it yourself. YouTube has the added benefit of viewers finding your website through your YouTube channel and YouTube offers high quality hosting on your site for a good looking video. However, you might also end up with ads on your video if you don’t have the right account and YouTube can promote other videos from your competitors if you don’t configure the settings correctly. The alternative is hosting the videos yourself by uploading the videos to your server. This option allows you to reap any SEO benefits but unless you have a considerable amount of bandwidth to upload and stream videos you may end up with choppy videos that take forever to download. If you feature a video on your landing page be sure it is hosted so it plays smoothly.

Allowing people to comment on your videos builds a sense of community among customers but can also go drastically awry if you get a rotten apple in the bunch who doesn’t like your work. No matter how great your video, there will always be critics. Either prepare yourself for the onslaught of an open forum or configure your comments so you control what goes up. But be aware your readers will know if you are in control or not. If you use a video on a landing page however it is rarely recommended you allow for comments because these will take up precious space.

4. Optimize
The ever-changing world of SEO best practices can be hard to keep up with but it is still a good idea to optimize your video files and descriptions with keywords and links which correspond to other SEO efforts your company makes.

5. Brand, Brand, Brand
Videos are a wonderful way to brand your company. Whether you want to be highly professional, goofballs or film noir, a video will immediately relay the brand (or lack of a brand) of your company to people visiting your website. Include your logo, company culture and more on videos on your landing page for the best results.

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