5 Places to Use QR Codes in Design Products

August 17, 2012 2 min read

A QR code, or a Quick Response Code, is a trademark that can be scanned by certain devices, decoded, and then direct the person scanning to code to a website. QR codes are growing in popularity as a marketing tool used by businesses and individuals looking to promote their website, gain attention, and capture interest from potential customers and clients.

While QR codes might seem easy to slap onto anything, it’s a good idea to hire a professional web designer to help you not only create a code, but also to effectively position and format this code into print and online advertisements and marketing materials. Here are 5 places businesses can consider using a QR code:

  • Print advertisement: Magazines and newspapers can be become the perfect bridge from print to online when you use a QR code in your advertisement. A professional web designer will be able to seamlessly integrate a QR code into the message so that it doesn’t look clunky or out of place, but is still noticed by readers.
  • Business cards: Business cards are a great place for a QR code. The traditional business card is still important for networking, but now more than ever people want to direct new contacts to their online portfolios and websites. With a QR code, you make it easy for people to find you online.
  • Product packaging: Rather than just putting your company’s website on product packaging (although you definitely want to do this anyways), consider also printing a QR code onto the packaging for people who like the ease and convenience of this shortcut.
  • Stickers: Stickers may seem silly, but if your audience likes them, then chances are they will love them from you. Make sure you have a QR code on this type of swag and then hand the stickers out at events and include them in packaging as a little hint that you would like your customers to check out everything you have to offer and more.
  • Clothing: Apparel will definitely only work for certain industries, but if you hire a creative web designer, they will be able to design a QR code that has a personality of its own and is worthy of being plastered on a t-shirt which can be handed out or sold – depending on how devoted your fans are.

There are many different uses for QR codes – you simply have to do some brainstorming and research into what your customers wants. Just remember, design counts when it comes to QR codes.

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