5 Logo Design Tips

June 14, 2010 2 min read

The design of your company logo is very, very important to your company. In fact, it’s just as important as your company name. Not only does it help brand your company in the business world, but it helps attract customers and it’s a big testament to the attitude and personality of your company. With that in mind here are some logo design tips to help you as you think about designing your company logo.

1) Choose your colors wisely. While creating a logo with all different colors may sound fun and appealing think about what it will look like when your only option is to print it in black and white. Also think about color printing costs. Two colors will be a lot cheaper to print than four colors.

2) Think small. In terms of size think about all the places you will want to print your logo such as business cards, envelopes, pens, shirts, etc. Your logo should be just as legible small as it is when it’s enlarged.

3) No need to write a book. If you include words with your logo (which you don’t have to) they should be short and to the point. Your company name would suffice. Think of some of the most recognized logos around such as Apple and Nike – neither uses words with their logo.

4) Keep it separate. Speaking of text, if you do decide to use text go easy on your readers eyes. Separate the text from the graphics. This will not only be easier to read, but it will keep your logo clean and make it easier to reproduce.

5) Keep it simple. Probably the most important part of designing a company logo is to make sure it is a simple design. Not only will a simple design be easy to read and remember, but it will also make it much easier to resize and print than a complicated logo.

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