3D Logo Design – Cool and Innovative

August 11, 2012 1 min read

Three-dimensional logo design isn’t the kind of thing you see every day by any means, but this is a design technique that can be effective and different in many different industries. The most well-known 3D logos come out of the music industry. There is a reason for this. Three dimensional gives off a powerful vibe, it’s very in-your-face, just like many of your favorite bands. However, this persona won’t work for everyone. Here are some tips for using 3D logos (or not) successfully.

Consider your Audience – This is the first step to all design projects, but it is especially important when you are considering going 3D. Make sure your audience will respond to something a little out of the ordinary and not just view it as an attempt to stand out. Think through your motives for three dimensions, be sure it is part of your image. If it is, this technique will work for you.

Test – Test a wide range of three-dimensional logos before settling on one. Three dimensions are cool because they can be super apparent, or more subtle like you are simply playing with space.

Color - Don’t forget to use color as a way to make your 3D logo pop. While black and white might work, sometimes this is a bit too dramatic for people’s taste and color might be the perfect middle ground.

Have fun – Three-dimensional logos are definitely cool and innovative, so be sure to play up this more “fun” aspect of the design for the best results.

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