How to Attract People to your Facebook Page with a Great Cover Shot

The new Facebook Timeline template allows business with a Facebook profile to create a large cover photo featured at the top of their social site. This image is a set dimension (851 x 315 pixels), and is a large blank canvas just waiting for a professional designer to take full advantage of.

Here are a few ways that you can attract people to “like” your Facebook page with a great cover shot:

  • Keep it Fresh – Anytime you update your Facebook cover photo, this information will be posted to you Facebook wall. Become known among your fans as the business that always awesome, and regularly new, Facebook cover photos. Think about how Bing always features a new and intriguing photo on its search engine backdrop every day. Granted you don’t need to change that option, but keeping it fresh will keep people interested.
  • Employ the Finest – If you’d rather not rethink your Facebook cover photo every few weeks, hire a professional to design a timeless cover shot for your business. A designer will know how to balance elements including image, tagline, logo, business name, and more into one cover photo that gives visitors all the information they need to know if they want to “like” your page and keep in touch.
  • Shock – The shock factor will always be a part of out-of-the-box marketing. If it is appropriate for your business and industry, stretch the boundaries of the cover photo, and use an image or radically intriguing design that really captures the imagination and gets people excited. Finding the right design will take time, but it worth the effort.  

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