Does Humorous Web Design Work Better?

If laughter really is the best medicine, then it’s a no-brainer that a humorous website design is the ticket to a host of fans who adore you and your business. Of course, with online commerce and business in general, nothing is so simple.

So when does humorous website design work?

  • If your business uses humor in advertising, social media outreach, and more, then chances are your brand’s voice is a funny one, making a humorous website appropriate.
  • If you are a comedian, humor writer, a website dedicated to videos of college kids doing crazy things, or in another career where your livelihood is built on making people laugh.
  • If your brand is targeted towards children.

When does a humorous website design not work?

  • If you are offering a professional service such as legal, accounting, etc.
  • If you are selling products (that aren’t meant to be gag-gifts or something equally as comical). People want to know the sites they shop on are secure and safe, humor doesn’t always relay a confidence in security.
  • If your brand simply isn’t something funny.

Granted, even professional service providers have a funnier side, and in truth this humor can and should be shared with customers, fans, and potential clients, but having a completely humor-based website isn’t the most professional or appropriate choice. While people love a good laugh, when they are doing business online they really want to know that you will solve their problem. And if you aren’t in the business of making people crackup, stick to what you do best and save your humor for blogs, social media, and other outlets besides your website

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