Twitter Backgrounds – Effects on Popularity

Just how important is a Twitter background to attracting new followers? It can be easy to stick with the default options for your business or brand’s Twitter background – but if you choose this route you are missing out on some excellent and inexpensive branding opportunities.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter followers won’t actually spend much time “hanging out” on your Twitter profile page. Instead, they will interact with your tweets in their own feed, never having to click through to your page. While this might seem like the perfect reason not to bother with branding your background, the truth is that people will show up on your Twitter profile page for more reasons besides that they are already your follower.

In fact, the people who do end up on this profile, whether through an online search or clicking on a link they came across on your site or another, these are the people you want to impress the most anyways because they aren’t already your followers.

The best way to do this is with an amazing Twitter background. People won’t take the time to read all your tweets on your page – not even if you are particularly witty. Instead, they will depend on what your profile background looks like to judge if they want to commit to following you.

Be sure your profile is up to snuff to snag these new followers every time. Cool design, personality-driven backgrounds, and professional styles are an effective tool to get more followers on Twitter.

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