Web Designers – Where do they get their Inspiration?

Artistic professionals are always searching the world around them for their next muse or inspiration to get their creative brain turning and producing something that will take the world by storm. However, some days behind the computer can seem pretty bleak – so where does aweb designer go for inspiration? Here are some perfect places to start:

1)      Anywhere with people – The saying, the truth is stranger than fiction, holds the key to unlocking creativity. Designers who get out from behind their computer and head to a space in their town or city buzzing with people are sure to discover some pretty crazy and amazing things that will help them feel inspired. Coffee shops, parks, shopping malls, the bus stop, and other places like these public areas are a great place to find inspiration.

2)      The greats – For many designers, their passion for art and creation came when they were children watching the great artists of their time perform and amaze. Painters may turn to museums, musicians will turn on their stereo system, writers will curl up with their favorite book, and web designers can turn to whoever it was that has been inspiring them for years.

3)      The little things – “An eye for detail” is one of the most overused phrases to show up on resumes – but when it comes to web designers – it is the absolute truth. Designers (and other artistic types) can find their flicker of inspiration from anything and everything including the sound of someone laughing in the grocery store to a short news clip they hear on the radio.

Designers looking for inspiration usually don’t need to do much more than notice the world around them and tap into their passion for creating.

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