Why You Need a Personalized Twitter Background

A personalized Twitter background is a key part of your online social media marketing plan. It may seem like a small thing, or even insignificant, but it is a powerful branding tool which is easy and relatively inexpensive to put into use. When you pay to have a professionally design Twitter background created for your Twitter account, you are making a promise to yourself and your followers that you will take your role as an online community member seriously and will become the kind of person that people want to follow because they can count on you for high quality or entertaining content every time.

It is not hard to start a Twitter account, but it is hard to build a Twitter brand. Whether you are a company, a blogger, or just an individual with a good sense of humor or a unique hobby, Twitter is a great platform for sharing information and building a dedicated following. More than one unknown person has been rocketed to success via Twitter. Twitter takes dedication, hard work, and commitment. A great way to get your mind focused on building your Twitter brand is by developing your voice first, and then creating a profile to match this image later on.

Paying for a personalized Twitter Background the day you get an account may be too soon for some people who don’t already have an online presence. It might be in your best interest to instead wait until you’ve solidified your voice, received feedback from your followers, and discovered what the best design is possible to fit your personality. There isn’t much space to work with on a Twitter background since the design is meant to highlight your tweets rather than cover the whole page, but when designed correctly, a good background will make a lasting impression.

While it is possible to design your own Twitter background, unless you are a designer you may be better going to a professional web design firm that offers Twitter background design at a low set price. Some common problems people run into when designing their own Twitter when they don’t have enough experience include:

  • The background shows up differently on different sized browsers
  • The background design covers up the tweets or clashes with the profile information
  • The background ends up looking amateurish or does not really reflect the brand of the company or individual

By working with a professional team, you can rest assured that your personalized Twitter background will turn out perfectly in the first go around. Most people who design their own background end up changing and adjusting it multiple times which is time consuming and confusing for followers. Instead, get it right the first time and work with a web design firm to get your Twitter background up and going.



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