Why Make Beautiful Banner Ads?

The phrase “beautiful banner ads” is a bit of a contradiction. It is hard to imagine any kind of advertising as truly beautiful – unless of course it is simply a human interest piece which gets more media coverage than actual ad time, but that’s not to say that beauty is without merit when it comes to advertising.

Designing an advertisement which is actually beautiful, or at least something beyond a neon background and bubble letters saying “click here,” will take a little extra time or money, but it will most likely be worth it in the long run. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and will depend greatly upon what your company is selling, so don’t feel like you need a Monet quality ad. The way to make something beautiful is to design it so it is out of the ordinary, something which makes people stop and take notice.

So why bother with making a beautiful banner ad? It’s true that most banner advertisements you come across online are all pretty similar. There is a background, there are words which form the call to action, and maybe there is a small image which is cute/funny/shocking/fun or something that causes a specific reaction from the target audience. Lastly, there is a promise of some kind of promotion such as a sale, or a product that is about to sell out, or something equally as time sensitive.

These run of the mill banner advertisements are known as incentive based marketing. Incentive based marketing has been around a long time now, the most well-known example being banks that gave out toasters to new account holders. Incentives simply give consumers something for making a purchase, even if the incentive and the purchase do not relate.

On the other hand, beautiful banner ads will tap into another part of the consumer’s psyche – the emotional side. By designing something beautiful to represent your company, the consumer will link a specific emotion such as happiness, wonder, curiosity, or intrigue to your brand. Researchers have proven time and time again that emotions are a long-term marketing tool, while incentives are only short term. Emotions last longer, are more intense, and elicit a direct action, rather than a passive, “oh I will get an account because my toaster blew a fuse this morning.” Instead, a beautiful advertisement will cause a consumer to sit up and make the active decision to make a purchase because your advertisement fulfills an emotional need.

Fortunately, professional web design companies understand the psychology behind banner advertisements and if you hire a team with extensive experience and a passion for design you should have no problem creating a beautiful banner advertisement that will make a difference.   

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