Why Bother with a Custom Wordpress Theme?

Starting a blog is a piece of cake. It doesn’t take much more than creating an account with Wordpress to get started. Once you have done this, Wordpress even provides you with a free theme so you can get started blogging from day one. Even if you don’t love the free theme provided by Wordpress, hundreds more free themes are just an online search away. So why would you bother with a custom Wordpress theme?

1)      To be Unique: Whether you are a business or just one person who has the urge to write about your thoughts and ideas, your blog is a representation or your unique mission and brand. Not that is a bad thing to stick with the standard free templates, but by having a custom blog designed just for your purposes, you are letting readers know that you are professional and serious about keeping up your blog and sharing information. This is especially true for businesses because remaining a unique entity is the only way to compete online.

2)      To Improve Search Rankings: There are a million things which feed into search rankings. Keywords, tags, SEO, and links alone will not ensure your blog lands on the first page of an internet search. Dedication to your craft and a growing readership is the best way to get noticed. That being said, most free Wordpress themes include information about the original designer somewhere in the template code which can’t be removed (you must give credit where credit is due after all). This can be a handicap when it comes to improving your search ranking. Your best bet is to simply pay to have a custom site created just for your company or brand.

3)      To Promote your Products/Services: To make money off of your blog, you will have to either link it back to your website where you sell products or services or have a place for advertisements. With a custom Wordpress design, you will be able to create a blog which maximizes profit potential by walking the delicate line between bombarding readers with too many promotions and presenting your revenue-generating blog aspects in a tactful and compelling way.

Finding a web designer to produce a great Wordpress blog in a short amount of time can be tricky, but can be done. It might be a good idea to hire a full-service web design firm that has a staff of professionals who specialize in different aspects of creating a high quality blog including the technical, design, and marketing aspects. Ensure you have the power to ask for revisions (without being charged additional) and that the turnaround time is agreed on up front. Also, the design firm should be able to help you code and upload your new theme so you can start blogging and building a band of readers.

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