What All the Best Twitter Backgrounds Share

Having a custom Twitter background is a powerful branding tool for companies and individuals who want to become a well-known personality in the social media world. Twitter backgrounds offer just enough space to get creative but not so much that it is overwhelming. A good full-service web design company will be able to turn around a high quality Twitter background in just a couple days, fully coded and ready to go.

But what makes a Twitter background something that people will get excited about? Here are the 8 things that all great Twitter backgrounds have in common:

1)      It is person focused - A good Twitter background emphasis the person of company that is Tweeting. For example, Best Buy’s background features a picture of a crowd of their employees, many professional photographers feature one of their best shots, and more.

2)      There is a balance between words and images - Twitter background designers must remember that the profile is already very copy heavy and therefore it is best to focus on just a few keywords in the actual design part (if any at all). People log on to Twitter to read Tweets, not to read backgrounds.

3)      Simplicity always wins out - A busy Twitter background is distracting and ineffective. The best Twitter backgrounds are simple, highlight just a few colors, and limit the number of images used in the design.

4)      Personality infused - The best Twitter backgrounds capture the essence of the business or person that is tweeting. For example, people who are known for their humorous tweets might feature a funny or ironic photo of themselves or companies which sell bedding might feature a particularly alluring photo of silk sheets.

5)      Professional - While professional means different things to different industries, professionalism always comes through in a high quality Twitter back ground. This is the more important for companies which value having professionalism as their core image.

6)      Artistry - At its heart, Twitter backgrounds are just another form of artistic web design. A beautiful Twitter background is well planned, incorporates the principles of design, and showcases a unique and innovative style which catches people by surprise.

7)      Information - The main reason a person follower will actually click through to your profile is to get more information about you or your company. Your contact information, a short blub about you or your company, and more is necessary to be sure that your followers find the information they need when they visit your profile.

8)      Structure - All the best Twitter backgrounds are structured to mesh perfectly with the constant elements of Twitter. It can be tempting for designers to get a little out of control, and focus on their own design forgetting that Twitter already has some things in place (such as the tweet wall and more) that are not moving. The best designs work around and with Twitter for an overall lasting impression. 


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