Website Design Packages

When you hire someone to build a website for you or your company, you will be surprised to learn just how many little parts there are to websites you visit every day. Building a website is no easy task and requires a wide range of elements to create something that is useful and intriguing to visitors.

A website design package should include everything you need to have a high quality website built. Here is what you should expect to be included in a standard website design package from a professional design firm:

1)      A few pages – To be complete, your website will need a landing page and a couple additional pages as well such as “about us,” “products,” or “contact us.” A standard package will most likely include the home page and two additional pages, but most designers will offer add-ons if you require additional pages.

2)     Images – Images and visual design are what bring a website to life. Just words on a website is not going to convert customers, it is the blend of information and imagery which will capture attention. Therefore, expect the design team you work with to include photos as part of their website building package. If you have specific pictures you want used, the team will most likely oblige. However, if you don’t have anything specifically picked out, it is easy to leave the decision about which photos to use in the hands of the professionals.

3)     Space for Copy – Depending on your company, you will most likely need some space for copy or words. With this copy, you will be able to describe your company, your mission, products, and more. A full-service design firm will also have copy writers on hand to provide written content for you at an extra cost if needed.

4)     Setup and HTML Conversion – Just being sent a jpeg of what your website will look like isn’t going to do you any good. The design firm you work with should provide HTML conversion and website setup support if necessary so that you can get your website up and running as soon as possible. DesignPax, for example, will even take care of hosting.

5)     Revisions – While it is possible you will love the first draft of what your designers create, it is just as possible there will be a few tweaks and changes you want to make. One great benefit of working with a web design firm is that they will most likely have the cost of three (or another set number) of revisions worked into the price. This will help you avoid costly surprises later on when you want to make changes to the first go around of the website.


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