Top 10 Landing Page Design Styles

Landing page design style changes as often as shoe trends, lipstick colors, and fad diets – but just like with all things – there are some designs which withstand the test of time and are popular year after year. Here are 10 styles (in no particular order) that will always produce a design people will enjoy.

1)      Modern – A clean, simple layout style that is classy, easy to navigate, and free of any extra frills and fanfare. Visitors can always find exactly what they are looking for, and if they can’t, it means it’s not there.

2)      Collage – At the opposite end of the spectrum is the more artsy, abstract, and flamboyant collage style. Collage flawlessly intersect photos, images, type, fonts, sayings, logos, and more into one impressive page design which could easily be turned into a poster.

3)      Black and White – Although this style has some similarities to a modern style in how clean and sharp it is, black and white also offers a sense of old-fashioned romance in a classy and tasteful way. Great for photographers, writers, and other reflective artists.

4)      Retro – Retro styles will pull from different eras such as the 50s, 60s, or some other decade in the 1900s (much beyond that ends up in a whole different type of style). Retro works because of the nostalgia it makes viewers feel.

5)      Word Art – A site where copy is king and custom fonts are as beautiful as any photograph, a word art style landing page is born. This style most likely isn’t appropriate for e-commerce or corporate sites, but may be just the thing for an individual.

6)      Cover Shot – Thanks to Facebook, Vevo, and other popular site, the one big cover shot landing page is rising in popularity and is bound to be a style that lasts. This style grabs visitors and is a powerful branding tool, putting a company’s personality on display without holding anything back.

7)      Magazine – The magazine style features multiple boxes for articles, headlines, and photos, all on the same landing page. Magazine style is great for companies that produce content on a regular basis and are looking to start a conversation with readers and visitors.

8)      Futurist – Futurist website design usually features some kind of movement, an eye-catching photo that takes visitors a minute to wrap their head around, and some kind of tease about stepping into the next era. Glossy images, glass-like designs, and awesome technology are popularly showcased.

9)      Multimedia – Admittedly not 100% a style, multimedia is still a landing page design that is popular for companies which use video to promote their products, services, or brand. For example, a clothing company known for selling surf gear can attract visitors by featuring an awesome surfing video as the background of their homepage.

10)  Minimal – Different from modern, different from black and white, the minimal landing page design will feature just one of two pictures or sentences and then maybe a place where people can sign up to learn more.

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