Tired of the Same Old Email Designs?

If your company has been in the email marketing business for a while, chances are you have been using a similar email template for the last years and everyone in the marketing department is getting a little tired of it. Chances are even better that if your marketing team is tired of the email design, then so are your customers. It might be time to re-energize the email campaign with some fresh new designs.

Hiring a full time employee to focus on designing brand new emails everyday isn’t within the budget of many small and mid-size companies. In this case, the best solution is to work with a full-service web design firm that offers email design. You will be able to dictate exactly what you want the email to say, and the design firm will turn around your idea in just a couple days. If you need help with little things like finding images or possibly filling in copy, the design company will have solutions for you that save you time and money.

If you are ready to kick off a new and improved email marketing campaign, here are some different tips for starting anew and impressing your customers as well:

1)      Get Interactive: Give customers a reason to stat and browse around your email, or better yet, actually click through to your website. Interactive elements can be as simple as really good photos which people want to see more of, a humorous story where the end of the copy is found on your site, an intriguing news piece, or a video. Anything which requires customers to make a choice (to play your video or not to play, for example) will make your marketing more interactive and therefore more memorable.

2)      Start a Series: Let your customers know that you are kicking off a whole new email marketing campaign by announcing a series of upcoming emails where they will get something for visiting every couple days when an email goes out. Maybe it will be a promotion, giveaway, contest, or other proven marketing technique that your customers enjoy.

3)       Introduce a New Side of the Company: It is tempting to only focus on pushing products and services through email, but sometimes customers want to know more about who the people are behind your company. Consider introducing customers to an interesting part of your business such as manufacturing, the social responsibly actions your company takes, and more.

4)      Get Practical: Create an email which is practical for your customers. If you sell gardening products, write up a how-to start an herb garden article or the best ways to prune rose bushes piece. Always be sure your customers are getting something out of your emails so it isn’t just you pushing your company’s agenda. 

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