The Rise of Facebook Cover Art

The new Facebook Timeline style has been pushed out for all profiles now, making it really not all that new anymore. However, with the change has come the rise of Facebook cover art. The Facebook cover photo is the large photo displayed at the top of every Facebook profile. While it is easy enough to just let Facebook default and choose a photo from your gallery to display at the top, this would be a huge opportunity overlooked.

It took only weeks for a collection of the best, most artistic, and most creative Facebook cover art photos from business profiles to being circulating around the web. This is the kind of viral attention that gets little known and big name companies noticed and respected for their online marketing efforts. If you are looking for a way to join the ranks, maybe it is time to consider restyling your Facebook profile and putting an emphasis on your cover photo.

Here are some of the different design strategies used to create Facebook cover photos that get noticed:

  • Showcase your flashiest product - While this won’t work in every industry, many businesses have made a splash on Facebook by featuring their coolest car (Lamborghini) or most innovative product that gets media attention.
  • Inspiration - Covers that are designed to inspire are a great way to tap into the emotional side of fans. For example, one business features a quote from Gandhi, the campaign to help people stop smoking features an artistically designed image of a cigarette with burning ashes in the shape of a struggling human, and more.
  • Desire - Showcasing a divine photo of a pristine beach or something similarly as desirable is a great way to get people to stop and daydream for a moment and the longer people linger on your Facebook page the better.
  • Wit - It is proven, Facebook users love to see something funny. If it is appropriate for your company or personal brand to add a little humor to your cover design, than go for it – you are bound to convert some new followers in no time.

Even if you come up with the perfect idea for an awesome Facebook cover design, you may not have the design skills to bring it to life. In these situations, it is best to work with a full-service web design firm and have them take your idea and bring it into fruition. Facebook users can tell when a design or photograph has been completed by an amateur, and by hiring professionals you will get a professional cover. The goal is to have users only notice your design, not get hung up on inconsistencies. A web design firm will be able to turn around a Facebook cover in just a couple days for a low set price.

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