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Many of the breakout popular blogs rose to the top because of their humor, wit, or controversial content. While this image may work for some, many businesses do not want to become the jokesters of their industry or get their customers riled up by delving into politics, religion, and other sticky topics. When it comes to blogging, professionalism can easily be viewed as a curse, something that is holding your company back from being a colorful, personality-driven blog that is successful.

It is frustrating to have to remain inside the boundaries of professionalism when it comes to blogging, however this doesn’t have to mean that your blog won’t gain traction. There are plenty of professional ways to produce to a blog which still gets noticed by thousands of readers each day. Here are some tips for producing a professional blog:

  • Start with a professional, custom theme: A professional Wordpress theme is the first thing your readers will notice when they visit your blog. Professional themes feature simple color palettes, a wide range of options for learning more about your company, flawless multimedia integration, high quality images, and much more. By working with a full-service web design firm, you will be able to have a high-quality and one of a kind Wordpress theme designed to suit your company. While the blog might be the main focus of the site, having additional information such as an “about us” page, contact form, and more, you will be ensuring your readers will have ample opportunities to convert into paying customers.
  • Blog about a topic which is of value to your customers: Readers will not log onto your blog simply to read about your latest products or success story (unless you are Apple or an equally as innovative technology company). Instead, you have to discover what your company has to offer your customers. For example, if you sell lighting online, a blog about interior decorating might be appropriate or if you sell organic ingredients, a cooking blog would be appropriate. When a person reads your company blog, they should not feel like they are running into your company name in every sentence. Instead, make the blogs easy to read, helpful, and something that people would be willing to give up a part of their evening to read.
  • Bring in experts: Chances are your company is filled with experts or know many experts who can be interviewed and featured on your blog. Expert opinions give legitimacy to the information you write about on your blog. Readers are more likely to return to your blog if they feel like they are always getting high-quality and accurate information each time.
  • Find a voice: Lastly, find a voice which represents the professionalism of your company. This doesn’t mean using big words and lots of adjectives, but rather developing a personality which your readers will link with your company.

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