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Even with the rise of social media, email marketing is still a powerful tool. Email marketing has the unique advantage of being targeted, ongoing, interactive, and a choice for the people who receive the emails. While on Facebook fans will either get all, or block all, of your company’s status updates, with email, subscribers can choose if they want to click on and open an email that day or simply delete it without looking inside. Of course they always have the option of opting out, but this flexibility often makes email marketing a better tool for actual conversions than other forms of online marketing.

If you are ready to start an email campaign the first thing to do is create a plan. Finding inspiration for emails will need to happen on a regular basis since emails are most effective when they come on a regular schedule. In fact, with the right planning, you can plan and have emails designed which your customers will look forward to receiving at a specific time each day, simply because of the intriguing content and fun design. Here are some places to start looking for email design inspiration:

  • Old Marketing Materials – If your company is old enough to have a collection of old marketing plans and materials then you have perfect place to start finding new inspiration. Search through the most successful marketing campaigns, revamp the copy, and send the information off to a full-service design firm to transform this into a retro email your customers will love.
  • Emotions – Just like you, your customers make decisions based on emotion more often than thorough research. The best place to discover inspiration for email design is by looking internally. What do you want? What does your team want? As humans, we all want many of the same things, and when you discover the things that you want at a specific time of year or place, you will be able to craft an email tapping into the desires of your customer as well.
  • Competitors – It’s the oldest trick in the book: find out what your competitors are doing and do it better. Don’t rip off their ideas verbatim, but rather build on some of their stuff. You both most likely have the same target audience so chances are you can get some good ideas from current marketing campaigns of your more successful competitors.
  • The News – The news and current events can are a great way to not only grab attention by staying relevant, but also find inspiration for new marketing emails. Once you find something that people are buzzing about, an email design will fall into place.

By working with a full-service design firm, you will be assured that whenever inspiration for a new email hits, you have a team ready to turn around your design in just a couple days so you can get the word out to your customers.

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