Creative Banner Ads

For the everyday internet user banner ads are as old as anything online. Banner advertisements are now so common they can be found on a majority of websites a person visits in a day. Although banner ads aren’t nearly as raved about by the marketing industry as they once were, they are still an inexpensive way to advertise online to a specific target market.

The days of flash and animated banner ads are over. While they did capture attention early on, these in your face advertisements quickly crossed the line into becoming annoying, not the best way to attract new customers. That being said, creativity is more important than ever when it comes to creating banner ads which will get people to click on them. Here are some ideas for creative banner advertisements:

  • Go High Brow: Banner ads that are slapped together by amateurs will immediately get the cold shoulder from viewers. Instead, consider creating something magnificent. While banner ads offer only a small canvas, there is enough room to create something so stunning, online users will tear their eyes away from the article they are reading or photo gallery they are clicking through to check out what you are selling.
  • Combine Font with Copy: A combination of custom and eye-catching fonts with clever copy is a surefire way to not only grab attention, but also get people to click on your banner ad. Although it is tempting to think that banner ads don’t require much creative effort, the more you put in, the more you will get out.
  • Drop a Hint: Many people just don’t have it in them to ignore a tease. Consider using a designed image or copy to entice viewers to actually click on your ad. This will work better than dime a dozen promotional phrases like “click now to win” because it will tap into the daring side of online users and leave them wondering just what you have to offer.
  • Rely on Design: Using copy can often become a crutch for designers. Instead, try depending solely on the design of a banner advertisement to promote a product or service, and tempt people into clicking on the advertisement to learn more.

If you are interested in starting an online advertising campaign with banner advertisements, consider hiring a full-service design team to do the work. By working with a whole team of people, you can rest assured there will be people who understand the ins and outs of design, marketing, and more, working on a banner advertisement which works on all levels.

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