Common Mistakes when Businesses Create Facebook Covers

Facebook cover photos are the one of the latest ways businesses online are branding their Facebook profiles. Facebook as a marketing tool has become very popular among businesses large and small. This social media presence is great way to build an online voice, talk to customers, and develop longer term relationships with new customers. The Facebook cover photo is a social media store front window, the first impression new customers and potential fans get when they visit your profile. It is important to kick of new fan relationships in style, so here are some common errors businesses make when it comes time to choosing a Facebook cover photo.

  • Not thinking about it - Facebook is set to default to a photo from your profile photo gallery if you do not pick a specific picture. This is the by far the path of least resistance, but not an effective choice. Even if the default picture isn’t too shabby, it still isn’t strategic, and you will always be better off with a planned image.
  • Swiping something from your website landing page - Elements of design such as a stock image, a large logo, or other photo from a landing page will not translate well into a Facebook cover photo in most cases. Not only will the photo look disproportioned and out of place, but it will also make your Facebook page look too similar to your website which is sloppy and uninspired.
  •  Just sticking with a regular photo - While a high quality photo will work for some businesses, such as photographers for example, most are better off having something specially designed which features a background, image, and possibly even some copy. By going the extra mile, you will be able to create something that really captures the personality of your business in a relatable and effective way.
  • Thinking you can do it yourself - If your company is a graphic design firm, then yes, you probably have a team with the skills to design a high quality cover photo. However, everyone else can most likely benefit from bringing in an expert. A professional designer will be able to take your idea and turn it into something stunning and professional. You don’t want your fans scrunching up their noses, trying to put their finger on what is off about your cover photo design, instead you want them to immediately “like” your page simply because the cover photo is so fun or intriguing.

As Facebook cover photos become a more important part of a successful online marketing plan, you will need to find a web design firm that offers cover photo design for a reasonable price in a short amount of time. With the right cover photo, your whole Facebook page will come together.   

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