Business Icons and Web Design

Icons are a great way to jazz up your website design. Websites look more professional, complete, and comprehensive when icons are strategically placed throughout the design. Icons are small representation images which help your customers better understand your website, find things, get answers to their questions, and in general just make browsing your site easier to do.

Here are some popular ways to use business icons to improve web design:

  • Lists: Small icons, even just a simple check mark, will make lists more appealing to the eye, add color, and move the customer’s eyes across the page in a predictable pattern. You might choose to have custom icons created for each different service you offer which are displayed in a list. For example, if you offer interior painting, pressure washing, and exterior painting, a small paint brush, ladder, and hose spraying water might be the perfect set of icons to bring your list to life.
  • Express Guarantees: Icons can also be used when you are describing the different guarantees of your company. For example, if you guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back, a small 100% icon will immediately relay this message so customers don’t have to take the time to read a whole sentence or two on the matter. Online customers are always looking to shorten the amount of time it takes to accomplish something, icons help them do this.
  • Split Up the Website: Many business websites are made up of multiple sections including but not limited to about us, contact, products or services, social responsibility, careers, and much more. At some point, you will have so many pages that to make things easier for people browsing your site for one specific thing you may need to include icons with each category. These icons will be designed based on what it is representing but all the icons will look good together as a group.
  • Separate Text: The reality is that sometimes you just have to have a text heavy page. Maybe you need to describe your more technical services or a page of long recommendations from previous customers. Not matter what it is, a simple decorative icon will separate the text, make the page easier to read, and keep customers from feeling overwhelmed. It is much easier to consume parts of a website in chunks at a time rather than all at once, and icons help readers make the decisions of what to read first.

If you are interested in integrating business icons into your web design, considering working with a full-service web design firm that can not only design effective icons, but also understands how icons interact with other elements of web design. While it may seem like a stretch at first, you will find yourself using your custom icons again and again. 

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