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Even with social media marketing blowing up throughout the business world, email marketing is not likely to fall by the wayside. The clear advantages of email marketing include the fact that subscribers choose to sign up for the emails, the business has the flexibility to send out emails when they feel is the most optimal time, and the creative freedom is paramount. Also, the results from an email campaign are easy to track making them a tool which can be adjusted to operate at its best.

That being said, throwing together a clever email campaign isn’t as easy as a business might want it to be. Without a full time marketing web designer, a small company may struggle to find someone internally who can handle the email marketing. Fortunately, a good web design company will have the staff and creative know-how to produce marketing emails for your company in a short amount of time and for a price you can afford.

It is tempting to simply use a free or low cost HTML email template which can be found online from countless freelancers. However there are some disadvantages to this choice which you should be aware of:

  • Email templates are not design specifically for your marketing push, therefore the creative will not be as effective
  • Email templates can be used by anyone, even your competitors
  • In most cases, you will get no additional support if you purchase a template, which means no designer or web professional to help you if you run into problems customizing and sending out the email.

By working with a professional full-service web design firm, you will get custom made emails every time. You will set the specs, details of the email, and more, so that it turns out exactly the way you envisioned. When your email reflects the marketing mission of your current project, chances are you will see greater success than simply shooting in the dark with email templates.

If you are considering hiring a web design company to create marketing emails, there are some attributes you should check for to be sure that the design team will mesh well with your own team. These include:

  • Premium quality: With so many freelancers and web design firms around the world competing for business, it can be easiest to go with the person you find. However, this strategy won’t always get you the best quality. For high quality, ensure the design firm is made up of experienced, designers, marketing professionals, and web experts.
  • A fast turnaround: The essence of a good marketing plan is in execution. Be sure the design firm you hire can turnaround your project in just a couple days, this will help you reach your milestones without delay.
  • Revision: Some designers will think their first go around is good enough – but this may not be true for you. A few revisions should be included in the price of your email design.


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