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Companies, communities, and other entities that have news to tell often choose to do so in a newsletter. Newsletters can be mailed via snail mail, posted as a PDF on a website, or emailed. Some industries which have found success by sending out a newsletter include car companies, grocery stores, hospitals, and more. Newsletters are a perfect blend of creativity, images, and important information. The most successful newsletters incorporate humor, wit, and groundbreaking news as well, just to keep readers interested.

The thing about newsletters is that they must be sent out on a regular schedule in order to achieve any long term goals of informing the public about your company, cause, or community. Whether daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, newsletters are expected to be of a high quality every time. Creativity and motivation can easily run out after just a few issues, leaving the marketing team in a sticky situation – to either produce a lackluster newsletter or miss a deadline.

If your readers have come to expect a newsletter, then there is no doubt they will be disappointed if you do not deliver. The only other option is to dig deep and start looking for inspiration in some new places. Here are some unusual places to find a creative spark which will help produce a newsletter that will keep subscribers talking.

  • Start something long term – Newspapers and magazines have found success in running ongoing sections such as columns, humor articles, comics and more. One way to kick start the newsletter writing is by brainstorming a segment which can continue on for many different newsletters.
  • Look back in time – Sometimes it just takes a fun theme to get a newsletter going. For example, a retro or vintage design will inspire articles, news pieces, and photos that readers will enjoy because they are different and interesting.
  • Draw from something local – Promoting local businesses, heroes, causes, and more is sure to spark creativity and it will also be good for the community. People love to read about themselves, their neighbors, and their town.
  • Consider the calendar – A newsletter themed by the seasons, holidays, or significant dates is a great way to focus newsletter brainstorming, get the team producing, and send the final copy to print well before deadline.
  • See what’s new with competitors – While you can’t go ripping off anyone else’s ideas, sometimes just browsing through newsletters from other companies in your industry will give you a few new ideas for your own newsletter.
  • Get out of the box – On the rare occasion, the only solution to the newsletter creative brain freeze is to get way outside of the box and try something completely new. While this is a dangerous tactic, and one that may not be accepted by all readers, it might be the only way to breath fresh air into a newsletter campaign.

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