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Apparently, this Twitter thing is here to stay. Midway through 2011, the Pew Research Center indicated that 13% of American adults had a Twitter account, a number which is on an upward trajectory. While this may not be an earthshattering number like how many people spend the majority of their day scrolling through their Facebook feed, it is still significant enough that businesses with an online presence should sit up and take notice. Twitter is a unique branding tool for companies and brands, as well as a great place to get creative.

Setting up a Twitter account doesn’t require much more effort than simply signing up, agreeing to the terms, and starting to craft witty sayings in 140 characters or less. However, Twitter does allow for users to customize their background, an opportunity that savvy businesses have jumped on as a great way to give their business the personality they need to bring in new followers.

There are three options for setting up a new Twitter background.

1)      You can choose from the templates provided by Twitter. This will take approximately three seconds but your choice will be far from a one of a kind.

2)      You can design and upload your own custom background.

3)      You can hire a professional graphic designer to design and upload a background for you.

If you choose option #2, then you need to know a few basics before you get started.

1)      It’s a good idea to know a thing or two about design or photography, otherwise the whole process will become frustratingly difficult, or the result will just be poor.

2)      Take time to view your Twitter profile, making note of whitespaces, heavy content areas, and what you want your followers to know about your company’s image that can be relayed by a Twitter background.

3)      Start designing with a large document, 1600 x 1200 pixels, for example. This will keep the quality higher even if the background is scaled down smaller. Smaller backgrounds end up being tiled, which isn’t always an attractive look.

Designing a Twitter background may end up being more difficult than you originally thought. When you are the designer, it is easy to continually be changing and adjusting your design, but this is not an effective way to communicate with customers. Customers expect to see your background, love your background, and for things not to change. In the long run, you may be better off hiring a graphic designer to design a custom Twitter landing page.

Things to look for in a graphic designer you hire to create a Twitter background include:

  • Price: Find a team with experience and a set price for Twitter backgrounds.
  • Turnaround time: A fast turnaround time will help you get up and running.
  • Service: Be sure the design team is ready to take your questions before, during, and after the project.
  • Quality: A high quality background is something you will use for many years, so find someone with experience.

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