Landing Page Best Practices

Landing page design is essential to the success of a website. It is the storefront of your website, the cover of your magazine, the eye catching headline above the fold of a print newspaper. This is the first place your potentially new customer will see when they come to your website. It is in your best interest to capture them from the get go so they are more inclined to start shopping around the rest of your website, make a purchase, and hopefully become a repeat customer.

As with all types of web design, there are best practices which should always be remembered when designing a new front page for a website. Best practices aren’t set standards. Standards are typically determined by your client or the business owner of the website. Instead, best practices are simply suggestions which have been proven successful time and time again. While the internet still feels like a new invention to some generations, it has been a household tool for over two decades now. This means that younger generations have never known anything but the internet, and therefore the newest wave of customers demand only the best when it comes to website design. Here are four best practices for designing the home page of a website.

Make the Page Scan Friendly

Most people do not take the time to read a webpage word for word, but rather scan to get the main points. The key things to remember are to keep the word count down, use bolds and larger fonts to draw the eye to the most critical information such as business name, and consider creative alternatives to the standard headline, copy, photo layout which relays the company’s brand.

Cognitively Add Whitespace

For many designers, whitespace is simply something that just happens, but for the home page of a website it is best to plan for whitespace. Whitespace makes a webpage appear less daunting and cluttered. It is the difference between entering into a house that is filled to the brim with furniture, boxes, and more, and one that simply has a few inspired pieces of art and furniture with plenty of space for moving around.

Invest in the Highest Quality

Cover photos on home pages are becoming a hot new trend because an amazing photo incites excitement, relays a message, and gets people curious. If this is the route you choose to go, it is absolutely indispensable to invest in a high quality custom photo. Online customers can spot a cheap stock photo from a mile away. A high quality photo, however, will get people talking.

Make the Next Step Obvious

It should be clear to visitors exactly where you want them to go after landing on the homepage. Maybe this is just a click through to a main site, or perhaps to click on a list of services, products, or a contact form. A well-designed button, a call to action headline, or other tactics can be used to make sure customers know exactly where to go after setting foot into the website.

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