3 Tips for Landing Page Copy

3 Tips for Landing Page Copy

Whether you are starting a new website or simply revamping your current site, the landing page is the page which will most likely deserve the most attention. While your blog and other pages may bring in traffic, customers and people who are seeking out your site for specific answers will most likely end up on your landing page first. A landing page is a home base where customers should have no problem navigating to where they need to go. Rather than just thinking of your landing page as the “hook” or your site, also remember it is the map to the rest of your site as well.

Unless you are a web graphic designer, it is a good idea to hire a professional web design firm to design your website or new landing page. Professional designers go to school for years and practice their art in every spare second – web design is simply not a skill you can learn by reading a few books. By hiring a design firm, you will have peace of mind that your website will look professional, be fully navigable, and high quality.

While a web design firm can handle your images, design, and more, you might still choose to write your own copy. No one knows your business or product like you do, so it is understandable if you feel you are the most qualified to share this information with your customers. Here are 3 tips for creating good copy for your landing page:

Tip #1: Write your Sales Pitch

Writing the way you speak is a debated tactic, but this can be a great exercise just to get the words flowing. If you haven’t done a significant amount of writing, then chances are it writing copy for your landing page might end up being more stressful than you imagined. Write down your standard sales pitch for your business just to get started.

Tip #2: Cut the Fat

One big picture on a landing page is more likely to garner interest than a lot of words. Simplicity is the key to not scaring away new web visitors. Read through your sales pitch a few times and highlight the key parts – maybe it’s your business’s commitment to the highest quality products, or low prices. Focus on just your best selling points on your landing page.

Tip #3: Make it Memorable

Now it is time to remove the “good-old-boy” sales pitch words that modern customers balk at, and rewrite the sales pitch to be memorable, clever, and creative. The best way to figure out how to do this is by reading some of your own favorite taglines and paragraphs of copy on other popular sites. This will give you great vocabulary for writing your own landing page copy.

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