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What are Flash Banners?

Flash banners are advertising banners that use a complex technology to incorporate animation, smooth transitions, sounds and interactive tools to get a potential customers attention in order to better inform and interact with them.


Typical flash banner ads come in the rectangle, square, leaderboard, full banner and the skyscraper shape, in various sizes. The same sizes that are popular and work best for static banner ads are common for flash banner ads. The thing that you need to be careful of with flash advertising banners is the file size. Due to the animation and the sounds, a flash banner’s file size can get rather large. Many web sites will charge you more money to display a flash advertising banner with a large file than a static ad with a smaller file size.

Flash Banners vs. Static Banners

Static banner ads, as discussed here often, are advertisements that don’t move, don’t have sound and are basically one shot advertisements, similar to ads found in the newspaper. Flash advertising banners differ from static banners in several ways. Where a static banner can give a limited amount of information, a flash banner ad can provide layers upon layers of information. They can change images and text, they can provide more information when the mouse is rolled over them, they can speak or play music to the viewer, and they can even feature short games or other interactive tools to grab the potential customer’s attention.

In general the point of a flash banner is the same as that of a static advertising banner. The idea is still to direct potential customers to your web site, but where static banners only catch the attention of a few potential customers, flash advertising banners can grab the attention of many more potential customers. Whether they flash or sparkle, any movement is going to grab attention. The same is true if they provide sounds – the viewer will be more likely to turn their attention to where the sound is coming from. This makes flash banner ads more attention grabbing than their static banner ad counterparts.

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