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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Designers

WordPress plugins are one of the easiest ways to customize your WordPress website to make it easier to use, more comprehensive, more interactive and essentially just better. Plugins are just little programs, in a neat tight package of PHP, which can easily be added to your site. You can choose to write your own plugin or just pick from the over 17,500 available on the internet. Most plugins are designed with a specific end user in mind, such as a blog or retail website. In fact, there is a huge selection of plugins perfect for freelance designers who promote their services on a personal website. Whether you specialize in design for web, print, media or anything else, here are 10 plugins great for your WordPress powered website.

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Askimet – Askimet tops the list of many “must-have” WordPress plugin lists because of its superior skills for deterring spam. Nothing is trashier than a barrage of spam comments on your portfolio or blog. Keep your site professional while still promoting conversation between fellow designers, clients and the legitimate public.

WordPress Database Backup – Not particularly sexy, but a necessary plugin nonetheless. Websites require a lot of work – especially designer’s site which are regularly updated with new work examples. Keep your hard work backed up. Hopefully you never have to use it, but if your site is corrupted, you will be glad you took the few minutes required to install this plugin.

Font Uploader – Nothing ticks off a designer quite like bad fonts. Font Uploader is a plugin for people who want to use their own fonts throughout their WordPress site.

Fast Secure Contact Form –Make sure potential clients can easily contact you from your website. Fast Secure Contact Form plugin makes it easy for real people to contact you, not spammers.

W3 Total Cache – Designers’ websites are notorious for having graphics, videos and other objects which slow download times considerably. W3 Total Cache will keep your pages downloading quickly and keep visitors happy.

SimpleReach Slide – SimpleReach Slide is a plugin for aesthetics more than practicality, but a cool addition nonetheless. The plugin “recommends” related posts to people on your site with a “slide” which appears at the bottom of the page. It is a good looking plugin and a wonderful way to show off more of your design work.

Image Pro – Take control of your images with this helpful plugin which definitely has designers in mind. The plugin lets you upload, resize, add and changes pictures on your site quickly and efficiently.

Flash Gallery – There are plenty of ways to show off your design images, but a popular, clean and attractive option is with a Flash Gallery. This plugin makes creating such a gallery easy, even for the not so computer-literate among us.

WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin – Not every designer is looking to add advertisements to their website, but if you are, you can benefit from having a well put together plugin like WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin. There are plenty of Adsense plugins to choose from, but this one is a favorite because it is easy to use and comprehensive.

Share This – Inevitably you will probably need some kind of social media presence if you are trying to make it as a freelance designer. Share This is recognizable to many computer users and hopefully this familiarity makes them feel comfortable sharing your work around the web.

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