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Top 10 Free css tutorials for beginners

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, have been around since 1997, helping web designers achieve one common style across all pages of the website they are creating. Rather than writing and re-writing the same HTML or other computer code to make each webpage look the same, CSS allows developers to create one “sheet” dictating the style of different elements on the site. CSS saves times and reduces the margin of error which makes websites easier and faster to create. Some people know CSS as well as they know their native language, however if you need to learn the basics or brush up on some skills you learned in the past for a job or project you may want to start with a free tutorial online. Here are some great places to look for different free CSS tutorials online.

landing page design – is a staple for web developers. The site is part of Wired, so you know the information will be legit. They have a “Get Started with CSS3” tutorial which covers the basics and will give you a good idea of what you are getting into if you are interested in learning CSS. – One of the most popular places for any type of web tutorial, has lessons for CSS and CSS3. The lessons are short and after you have learned a concept you can “try it yourself” which will help you retain the information you’ve just learned. – might sound like it exclusively dishes up HTML tutorials, but they have a great CSS section as well. Perfect for beginners with no previous knowledge of the topic, this site will take you from what CSS is to layers and beyond. – This site has a small collection of CSS tutorials but also offers free templates which are perfect for people who want learn from example as opposed to starting from scratch. – It says it right in the name, a great source for all things CSS. This blog style site offers more than tutorials including articles, layouts, templates and more as well. It is also a good place to mingle with the CSS crowd and pick up some tips. – If you already know the basics of CSS and are looking to pick up cool new skills so you can design and create even more impressive work, then check out The site has a range of tutorials and some are CSS focused. For example, you can learn to make a drop cap effect with CSS3 and more. – A super cool blog made for designers by designers. If you weed through the articles and entries on everything from speeding up your website to gradients, you will find some gem entries on how to use CSS. This site is very designed focused and the tutorials are more for intermediate CSS users on topics such as making transitions with CSS and more. – Are you more of a visual learner? This site has a decent selection of CSS tutorials, but what makes them unique is that they are videos. If you are struggling to pick up CSS through text tutorials, give video a shot. – Finding free tutorials for learning the basics of CSS isn’t too difficult, but it can be harder to find free lessons on more advanced skills. has a good selection of tutorials for everyone from beginners to those more advanced. – A main reason why people need to learn CSS is so they can convert their Photoshop documents in CSS. has a good collection or lessons to help you do just that. Perfect for designers and artists who need some help getting their creations online.

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