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The Five Pillars of Banner Advertising

It’s pretty hard to think of a popular, public website that doesn’t contain banner advertising.  While people often claim that advertisements, don’t have any impact on them at all, and advertisers worry that consumers suffer from “banner blindness”, this isn’t reflected in reality.  A carefully thought out banner advertising campaign, increases brand awareness, increases brand value and drives traffic to your website.  This is what them impacts your bottom line profits.

So let’s start with the basics.  What do you need to know once you’ve made the decision to create a custom web banner campaign?

1) Find a good designer. Unless you have significant experience in designing website advertising banners, you will save time, money and stress by working with a professional team

2) Choose the correct size banner ads.  Banner ad designers offer a whole range of different sized templates for you to choose from, and it’s important to work out which formats are most commonly supported to make sure you don’t waste time or money on creating advertising banners that you can’t use.  Bear in mind that programs like Google AdWords, which now offers banner advertising, supports different sizes to standard programs.  So if you know you are only placing your custom banners on Google, then make sure they have been sized appropriately

3) Make sure your design is appropriate to the banner size. If, for example, you use a long thin vertical banner ad, remember that as people scroll down the page, they will only see part of your banner.  If all of your information is at the top, or if you need to see the whole banner to understand the advertisement, you won’t attract potential customers – they just won’t get what it is you’re trying to promote.

4) Ensure that you have a clear, compelling message to engage potential customers. A successful banner ad design explains what the product or service you are providing is, and additionally gives viewers a general impression of what your company is like.  A good banner ad also serves as an online business card

5) Give your viewers a call to action. Encouraging potential customers to engage with your online banner ad is a crucial first step to driving them to your website and spending money with you in the long-term.  People are naturally attracted and even intrigued by instructions, and even the simplest “Click Here” message persuades people to click through to see what it is that actually happens when they do.

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