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Text Ads vs. Banner Ads

There is a lot of debate as to which form of online marketing is better, text ads or banner ads. In reality, both have their advantages and disadvantages. When you are deciding on what form of online advertising you want to use, you must assess your product and your budget to decide what will best meet your needs. To help you, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of both.

Text Ads

Text advertising is a form of online advertising in which a line of text is backed up by a hyperlink and when clicked on will take a potential customer directly to your web site.

Text ads are good because they are generally lower in cost than banners, they are simple and a lot of web sites accept them. They are also good when you are looking to work your advertisement directly into particular content on a web page. You can sometimes even have content built around your advertisement, or they can mention your product by name. In general, text advertising works better for products that are more of a service like insurance, health care, financial advice, etc.

The downfall of text advertisements is that they are sometimes just too simple. For certain products, they don’t give enough description to make a potential customer want to click on the text.

Banner Ads

Banner ad advertising refers to ads that are placed at various points on a web page, but are not written into the text. Like text ads, a banner ad can be clicked on and the potential customer will be instantly linked to your web site.

Banner ads are good because they create branding through name and logo recognition, they add visuals to the content of the web page, they visually display your product and they provide much more information than just a line of text. Advertising banners work best for anything that people will want to see before they buy. Products from fashion apparel, to electronics, to home goods and more make good banner ads.

On the other hand, advertising banner ads are blatantly advertisements and some people choose not to use them because they think that web surfers have trained themselves to block out this form of advertising.

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