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Color Theory in Marketing

Tickled Pink or Red With Rage:  How Choosing the Right Color Can Make or Break Your Ad. Smart marketers know that when creating your ad, your design is just as (if not more) important to your
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Do You Think You Know All You Should About Social Media Marketing in Business?

If there is a new way to promote your business and watch it gain its social presence in seconds then it’s through the social media. This is the tool that millions of businesses in the globe are
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Twitter on the Rise: How to Break In

If you aren’t already on Twitter, it can be hard to break in now. However, if you really want to try your hand at Twitter, it’s best to just push aside the insecurities and dive right in. Here
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Twitter Background Design Tips to Leverage Your Business

The main point of Twitter is to gain followers so they can learn about your company and listen to what you have to say through your tweets. So it makes sense that most people will decide whether
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