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Retargeting: Its Effect on Digital Marketing and Its Place in your Campaign

The online advertising strategy of retargeting, also referred to as remarketing, is a tactic which is used to keep your brand visible to visitors that have bounced from your website or have
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Feeling Clickless? Why your banners are not converting.

Feeling Clickless? Here’s why your banner ads are not converting AND what to do about it! A critical part of any successful online ad campaign requires effective banner ad design. Many
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Flash Banner Ads – Better than Static?

Most studies show flash banner ads get more attentionthan static. But this doesn't prove that flash is the best choice for your company's advertising
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Five Design Tips for Animated Banner Ads

Creating a great animated banner ad takes even more time and work than creating a static advertising banner. The reason being is that animated banner ads rotate frames and each frame needs to be
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