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Should You Use Your Logo in Banner Ads?

In print marketing, the answer to this question is a definite yes, but this is where online marketing is different. There are several scenarios where the use of a logo in a banner ad may be warranted, however, there are also many times when you won’t want to use your logo. Allow me to explain.


If you are looking to brand your company or your product, then the use of your logo in your advertising banner ad may be appropriate. Typically advertising banners that focus more on company branding are done by big advertisers that have a lot of money to spend on online advertising.

Recognized Names

If a company is a recognized name and they are rolling out a new product, then the company logo can be used. Since their name and logo says a lot about the company and it is already a proven trusted brand, then when viewers see the logo, they are more likely to click on the advertising banner to find out more about the new product. This type of logo use works for really big, trusted companies like Apple.

Small Advertisers

If you are a small advertiser, then chances are that you don’t have the budget to run a strictly branding advertising banner ad campaign or you are not a recognizable enough name to rely on your logo. That being said, there are still some instances when you can benefit from using your logo in your banner ads. If your logo contains words then you can potentially use it in your banner ad to help you get a higher CTR. Let’s use PointBanner as an example since the logo is PointBanner. If you are advertising on a web site like eBay where you are required to associate your banner ads with keywords, then you may choose banner as one of your keywords. By using the PointBanner logo in the banner ad, the ad will automatically pop up when the keyword banner is typed in.

When to Not to Use Your Logo

In general, if you don’t fall under one of the above examples, then you probably want to avoid using your logo in your banner ads. Think about it, if your banner ad is just a logo with a small amount of information then viewers will see it as just an ad and not be motivated to click through. Instead, make your custom banner ad informative and create a sense of need for your product to entice viewers to click though to your web site where you can then display your logo.

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