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Should You Run Multiple Banner Ads at a Time?

We’ve talked in the past about targeting your banner ads to different audiences. There is demographic, behavioral, contextual and placement targeting. To create your online banner ads around these different targets will be highly effective, however, if you plan to run only one banner ad with the hopes of reaching all of your audiences, it won’t be effective. Let me explain.

Single Banner Ads

Let’s use an ad for a new GPS system as an example. Say that you are placing this ad on ten web sites that vary from reaching male drivers, to new teen drivers, to women drivers. If you use the same single banner ad to reach all these different audiences how will you design the custom web banner to talk to all of these audiences at the same time?

The problem is that often advertisers think that creating a one size fits all advertising banner and placing it many different places means that it will automatically increase their CTR. Quite the opposite happens. Instead, they end up with a very generic ad that grabs no one’s attention.

Multiple Ads

One of the main principles in advertising is defining your target audience. For most companies there will be multiple target audiences. If you are running a print campaign, you would develop a different ad for each publication that you plan to put your ad into, to reach a different audience. The same should be true for online banner advertising. You must find a unique way to reach each of your target audiences. One generic banner ad won’t do that, but multiple custom banners that are each created to reach a different audience will.

Multiple Ads per Audience

Think about the web sites that you visit often. Do you constantly see the same ads? If so, I bet you have started to tune them out. But if every once in a while you saw different ads, I bet you would pay more attention. Not only will it benefit you to have different advertising banner ads for different audiences, but it will benefit you to have multiple banner ads per audience too. This will help you prevent your audience from tuning out your advertising banner.

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