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Making Email Campaigns and Landing Pages Work Together

When you run an email marketing campaign whether it’s to sell a product or provide information to your audience, both goals will have one thing in common: they need an effective landing page to be successful. An email campaign without an effective landing page will fall flat and won’t get you very far in achieving your goals. Here are some tips:

Treat them as the same project, not two separate entities. This is important because the two must work together to achieve your goals. While the email campaign drives users to click through, the landing page gives you the chance to convert those click throughs to leads and buyers. They are a packaged deal, treat them as such.

Make the two match in a variety for ways. You’ll want your colors, fonts, font sizes and graphics to match, but you will also want your language, tone and voice to match in both.

Repeat the title and some promotional copy. By repeating the headline and some promotional copy such as the main points from your email campaign in your landing page you’re showing readers that they’re in the correct place and that the page they are on does in fact correspond with the email they received.

Don’t repeat everything. While you should repeat the title and the main points, you don’t’ want to repeat everything. This will bore readers. They already read your email, that’s why they clicked through – to learn more. Give them more information than what was in the email. Think of the email as a teaser and expand on the main points in the copy of your landing page.

Track your results. This is so important! If you’re looking for higher conversion rates, you must consistently look at your CTR and your conversion rates. This will tell you if your email campaign and landing page are effectively working together or if you need to make some changes to get higher conversion rates.

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