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Best Email Newsletter Design

Even with the rise of social media marketing, email newsletters will always have a special place in the arsenal of online advertising campaigns. Email newsletters are set apart from the rest because people actively choose to sign up for the newsletter campaign, can always opt out, and are more likely to not just ignore a business’s email in the way it is relatively easy to ignore the Tweets and Facebook posts from businesses.

However, people will quickly lose interest in email marketing if a business doesn’t invest in some high quality design. Good design is the different between a simple typed letter and well-designed newsletter complete with color photos, graphics, and more.

Here are just a few things you can expect from a professional designed email newsletter:

  • Completely Coded Design – A completely coded email will display photos and images perfectly in all different types of browsers and different outlets including computers, smartphones, and more.
  • High Quality Images – A good email newsletter will have hi-res professional photography that is effective, specially chosen, and affordable. A professional designer will be able to provide you with these images as part of the overall design cost.
  • Effective Copy – Word choice is key to a professional email newsletter. Each title, subtitle, and paragraph must be well-written to capture and keep the readers’ attention, be search engine optimized, and still get across the point your company needs to make.
  • Online Library – Email newsletters shouldn’t just be sent out and forgotten. A professional designer will be able to create a library of your company’s newsletters to improve SEO and provide a place for your customers to find answers to their questions.

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