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Banner Exchange Programs

If you are on a strict budget and looking for cheap banner advertising, then a banner exchange program might be in the cards for you. Banner ad exchange programs are quite simple – you just allow banners to be placed on your web site in exchange for a banner exchange program placing your ad on another advertiser’s web site.

Because this is usually a free or very cheap program, you usually agree to advertise more banners on your web site in exchange for your banner to be placed. So say you have one banner ad you want placed, well you may need to allow two banner ads on your web site as the exchange. Most banner exchange programs run a ration of 2:1, but there are some that run a ratio as high as 5:1, so shop around to get the best deal.

When you are trying to decide on a banner exchange program, also keep in mind that you will be giving up a lot of control when it comes to where your ad is placed and what ads are placed on your web site. Although banner ad exchange programs for the most part try very hard to match up banner ads to web sites appropriately, they can’t always. At some point you might have an ad on your web site that you don’t like or your advertisement might be placed on a web site that isn’t the most optimal for your business. To avoid this, you can shop around for banner exchange programs that have specialties or for banner exchanges that try harder than others to appropriately match banner ads to web sites. Sometimes, for this added service it might not be completely free.

Here are some banner ad exchange programs that have lower ratios and are available by category:

  • LinkBuddies

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