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Banner Ads for eBay Merchants

Merchants on the huge auction web site eBay are in luck because they can promote their products even more through the use of advertising banners with a program called AMP Keywords. Ad Market Place runs this program and while it used to be available exclusively to eBay merchants it is now available to other merchants as well. The great news for advertisers is now your banner ad can appear not just on eBay but on other web sites too like, and a handful of other web sites.

How It Works

AMP Keywords is a unique service for sellers that involves associating custom banners with keywords so that the advertising banners pop up during an eBay or other search. What you will do is go to and sign up. From there it will walk you through the process of uploading your banner, selecting keywords that describe your custom banner and linking your banner ad to your web site or selling page.

To illustrate how your advertising banner is displayed let’s use the example headphones. If a potential customer visits eBay and searches for a set of headphones, a page will pop up with all the headphone listings on eBay. Now let’s say that you have associated the keyword headphones with your banner ad and bid for that ad spot. On the page with all the headphone listings, may also be your advertising banner. Notice I said “may” keep reading to see why.


The AMP Keywords program works similar to Google’s AdSense or AdWords program; however, you must associate your banner ad with selected keywords. You can have many keywords associated per ad, but Ad Market Place recommends that for the best results you have no more than 100 keywords. The keywords that you choose should directly describe your business or product.

Payment Options

Payment is based on a CPC rate, but it is also tied in with your keywords. Here is where it gets a little bit confusing, so let me try to explain. Basically when you select keywords that you want to associate with your banner ad advertising you will also state the maximum CPC rate you are willing to pay. Once your rate is established for a particular keyword, you will be ranked among other users who have bid on the same keyword. The highest paying advertiser will get the first banner ad rotation spot to a potential buyer. Back to our headphones example, if you are the highest ranked bidder for the keyword headphones, then your ad is more likely to appear on that search page.

The information in this article came from Ad Market Place. For additional information on placing banner ad with AMP Keywords, visit the AMP Keyword frequently asked questions page by clicking here.

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